3 Lb Silicone Mold Liner with Wood frame

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Silicone Mold Liner with Wood frame 3 Lb

Silicone Liner and  Wood Mold Makes about a 3 Lb Loaf +-

Set includes the top quality silicone liner and the wood mold "holder." This silicone liner holds right at 3 pounds of soap- the perfect loaf size. The weight of the soap loaf is approximate and will depend on your ingredients. This mold is slightly larger than our.

Helps get your soap making going quickly and efficiently. With this silicone liner the soap comes out easy too!  Use it over and over.. Works great for all types of soap making methods - cold process or Melt & Pour! 

Silicone liners are random colors. No choices on colors.

Add our soap cutter and you are ready to rock!

Silicone Liner Dimensions : 10.0" (Length) X 3 1/4 " (Width) X 3" (Height)
Liner Material: Silicone 

Outer Mold is Wood and conforms to the silicone liner

We recommend hand washing all of your molds and pieces to make sure they last a lifetime

Note: This mold liner is not stable on its own and is typically used by placing it inside the wood mold  and used as a liner.  Both the silicone liner and the wood outer support are included in this set.