60 mm Bath Bomb Mold (Plastic)

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Round 3D plastic bath bomb molds (Round) 

Make Your Own favorite 4 to 6 Oz Bath bombs. Exact weight will depend on recipe and how tightly you pack them.

Create perfect Bath Bombs with this excellent easy to use mold. Our clear, plastic round 60 mm sphere molds have two halves that easily snap together to make a 60mm 3D bath bomb

At 60 mm, this mold makes a bath bomb just over 2 inches diameter

Tightly pack the mold with your mix so that it is overflowing and form the bath bomb. Remove the mold halves. Bath bomb has to cure for a few days once it has been formed.  Typically the bath bombs will be ready to package after about 48 to 72 hours depending on the amount of oils you used and the humidity where they are curing.

The price is PER SET. 2 Piece Set