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Argan Oil

Pure Organic Argan Oil, Cold Press Extracted for purity

Our organic argan oil is extracted from the nut of the Argan Tree (Argania Spinosa), native to Morocco.

Argan is a very rare unrefined, light yellowish clear oil with mild characteristic taste and odor.

Organic Argan Oil - excellent for culinary uses, and cosmetics, and soapmaking.

Argan oil is an excellent oil to use in skin and hair care formulations and products. Since Argan oil has naturally occurring Vitamin E, and is also rich in Oleic (C18:1) and Linoleic (C18:2) essential fatty acids like Omega 6 linoleic, Omega 9 oleic acid, and antioxidants,it is an excellent choice to use in and as a base for all kinds of skin and hair care products from beard oils, to nourishing skin treatments, and hair care products.  . The combination of properties in pure Organic Argan Oil is is believed to possess anti-aging benefits. Use of Organic Argan Oil- in hair applications is believed to lead to healthier hair. Absorbs easily into skin, intensely hydrating and leaving a dewy glow.

The comedogenic rating of Argan oil is 0, meaning it is widely believed to be Non-comedogenic and not contributing to clogging of skin pores, a big plus when using for  skin care and hair care.

Argan oil has been known to regulate the production of sebum which helps prevent further breakouts and its Vitamin E content helps fade scars and smooth out the skin’s texture. Suitable for most skin types.

As a result of its higher concentration of important essential fatty acids and antioxidants, it is relatively stable when used for culinary applications. Argan is similar to Olive Oil in this setting, Organic Argan Oil- is used as a dipping oil as well as a recipe ingredient.


Product Name and CAS No. Specifications

  • Product Name: Argan Oil
  • Botanical Name: Argania spinosa
  • CAS no: 223747-87-3
  • INCI: Argania spinosa


  • Appearance: Liquid / Color: Pale Yellow
  • Odor: Nearly Odorless
  • Scent of Oil: Nutty/ typical
  • SAP (bar) Value: 0.14
  • KOH (liquid) Value: 0.19
  • Country of Origin: Morocco
  • Manufacture: Cold-pressed from the seeds of Argania Spinosa (Argan) trees.

Use in Crafting

  • Excellent moisturizing properties
  • Good Absorption
  • Highly Moisturizing
  • Almost odorless / Pleasant Aroma
  • Light  to medium viscosity oil. 
  • Healthy hair and skin


Stores well under any condition but extreme heat will lessen the shelf life.

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  • 5
    SO NICE!

    Posted by Heather McClain on Dec 25th 2017

    I have used this in sugar scrubs and beard love!!! If you were on the fence because of expense remember a little goes a long way and it’s totally worth it!!