Avobath* Fragrance Oil

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We think you'll love our Avobath* Fragrance Oil. It's a unique fragrance blend made up of just the right combination of fresh citrus, lemongrass with fragrant piney undertones.

For use in all types of applications and uses: skin products, soaps, candles, fragrance oils, sachets, and more. See The Technical Data tab above for specific usage rates recommended by the IFRA guidelines.

* Compare our fragrance to Avobath® by Cosmetic Warriors, LTD.
* Make Your Own is not affiliated or associated with Cosmetic Warriors, LTD.

Safety & Tech Info

  • Skin Safe: Yes
  • Phthalate Free: Yes
  • Vanillin: No

California Prop 65 Statement: The following statement is made to comply with the California State Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986.  This product  is not known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.  

Flash Point: 183°F

Fragrance Notes

  • Top Note: Green Citrus
  • Middle Note: Lemongrass
  • Bottom Note: Light Musk, Pine
  • Vanillin: 0.00%


  • Soap Test Results: 1-10
  • Cold Press Soap: 11.49%
  • Melt Pour Soap: 11.49%
  • Water Soluble: No


  • Candle Test Result: 1-10
  • Soy Wax: 100%
  • Parafin: 100%
  • Gel: 100%

Application Levels (IFRA) by weight percent

This is to confirm that the subject fragrance is composed of aroma chemicals, natural essential oils and other functional components in compliance with the most recent guidelines published by IFRA (International Fragrance Association). 49th amendment published on 01/10/2020. The IFRA standards are based on safety assessments from RIFM (Research Institute of Fragrance Materials).

Cat. 1 0%* Products applied to the lips
Cat. 2 0.07% Products applied to the axillae (armpit)
Cat. 3 0.23% Products applied to the face/body using fingertips
Cat. 4 1.38% Products related to fine fragrance
Cat. 5A 0.34% Body lotion and talc products applied to the face using the hands (palms), primarily leave-on (excluding baby powders and talcs)
Cat. 5B 0.34% Face moisturizer products applied to the body using the hands (palms), primarily leave-on
Cat. 5C 0.34% Hand cream products applied to the hands using the hands (palms), primarily leave-on
Cat. 5D 0.12% Baby creams, baby oils, and baby talc
Cat. 6 0%* Products with oral and lip exposure
Cat. 7A 0.46% Rinse-off products applied to the hair with some hand contact
Cat. 7B 0.46% Leave-on products applied to the hair with some hand contact
Cat. 8 0.12% Products with significant anogenital exposure
Cat. 9 2.76% Products with body and hand exposure, primarily rinse off
Cat. 10A 2.76% Household care excluding aerosol products (excluding aerosol/spray products)
Cat. 10B 9.66% Household aerosol/spray products
Cat. 11A 0.12% Products with intended skin contact but minimal transfer of fragrance to skin from inert substrate without UV exposure
Cat. 11B 0.12% Products with intended skin contact but minimal transfer of fragrance to skin from inert substrate with potential UV exposure
Cat. 12 100.00% Products not intended for direct skin contact, minimal or insignificant transfer to skin

*Fragrance cannot be used in categories marked with limit of 0%

It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure the safety of the finished product containing this fragrance by conducting all necessary tests.


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  • 5

    Posted by Susanne Barker on Mar 22nd 2021

    I absolutely adore this fragrance. Very Aveda type. Very soft. I pickup some grapefruit but no lime. I might go heavier on the % in syndet bars just to make sure it lasts.

  • 5

    Posted by Susanne on Dec 4th 2020

    A great SPA fragrance. I plan to use it in shampoo bars and bath bombs and shower steamers

  • 5
    Fresh and invigorating!

    Posted by Lara B on Mar 6th 2020

    One of my favorite scents! Super clean and crisp. Lemony and uplifting. Smells like a nice day at the spa.

  • 5

    Posted by Brandon Snyder on Nov 30th 2019

    We are in love with this scent! It's bright! It's fun! It's strong! It's long lasting! Everytime we put it in something, the reaction we get is "ohhhh that IS NICE!". This is one you definitely cannot go wrong with.

  • 5

    Posted by Divine Moon on Feb 25th 2018

    Loved this scent.. Very fresh!!

  • 5
    love it!!

    Posted by Melissa Kilmer on Nov 20th 2017

    This smells exactly as I was hoping!!

  • 5
    this smells just like "lush's"

    Posted by jen on Oct 18th 2017

    Smells amazing. I'm a citrus nut when it comes to fragrance.

  • 5
    love this

    Posted by bb.luxe on Oct 10th 2017

    I loved this scent it is so fresh and bright. I got a sample size and sold out immediately. Will buy again

  • 5
    The perfect citrus

    Posted by Lisa Nuckols on Oct 4th 2017

    I ordered a sample of this last month hoping it would be a less sugary-sweet citrus scent and it is right on the money. It held up perfectly in bath bombs and in lotion bars.