Bath Bomb Recipe

The BEST Bath Bomb recipe and instructions. Anne Hughey's "Secret Recipe." This formulation makes about 15 of the best super fizzy bath bombs (made in a 60 mm mold). For best results all ingredients should be purchased fresh from, or you can purchase one of our Bath Bomb Kits, which includes all the ingredients and a mold.


Dry IngredientsAmount
Sodium Bicarbonate 2.5 pounds
Citric Acid 1 pound
Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate (SLSA) 8 ounces
Corn Starch 4 ounces
Butters & OilsAmount
Refined Shea Butter (slightly melted) 2 ounces
Almond Oil 4 ounces
Fragrance or Essential Oil 2 to 4 ounces

Mixing Procedure

Gently blend the dry products together. Add, in order, the slightly melted shea butter and the almond oil to the dry products. Add in the fragrance oil or essential oil(s). Mix until everything is blended together well.

After blending the ingredients together, take the mixture and overstuff the mold, and then firmly press it together tightly. If you’ve done this correctly, much of the bath bomb mixture will be squeezed OUT of the molds. Gently release the pressure and you should have a bath bomb that will come out of the mold easily.

If the humidity is high or you have trouble with the bombs releasing, put some sodium bicarbonate into the mold before you make the next one each time.

Set the bath bombs aside in a room with an air conditioner or dehumidifier to set for 2 to 3 days.

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