Calcium Carbonate Ground Limestone

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Calcium Carbonate is used in a variety of applications. * Water treatment, Agriculture, Experiments, Crafts, Reptile environments, Wine Making

In Wine Making - Reduces acidity in wine. Use 5/8 teaspoon per gallon to lower acidity .15%. Use before fermentation. Do not reduce acid more than .30%. 

Product Code, INCI Name and CAS No.

  • INCI Name: Calcium Carbonate
  • CAS no: 471-34-1
  • EINECS no.: 207-439-9


  • Appearance: Light Tan Powder
  • Odor: Odorless
  • Formula: CaCO3
  • pH in 1% Solution: 8 to 9
  • Solubility: Slight solubility in water
  • Flash Point: Non-Flammable

Use in Cosmetics and Soap Making

Used commonly in abrasives, acid neutralization, blush, eye liner, eye shadow, face powder, tooth paste, and to buffer


Keep in a cool (preferably below 85°F, the cooler the better), dark and dry store-room.

Shelf Life

Under optimal storage conditions, in original unopened drums/containers, minimum two years.

Safety Data Sheet

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