Ceteary Alcohol

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Cetearyl Alcohol  

INCI Cetearyl Alcohol

Cetearyl Alcohol  NF is an all-purpose, vegetable sourced,  (from sustainable coconut and palm oils,) stabilizer, thickening agent, emulsifier,  for making all kinds of lotions and creams, body butters and more. 

A very useful additive in hair care products, creams, lotions and more.

Useful as a secondary emulsifier, thickener, emollient. 

Compositional Breakdown: 30% Cetyl Alcohol and  70% Stearyl Alcohol also known as Cetyl Steryl 30:70

Typical Use level: 1-25%. 

Appearance: White Flakes 
HLB: 15.5

Melt Point 46c -55 c (114 - 131 F)

A mild characteristic odor.

Not soluble in water. Partially soluble in alcohol.

External use only