ChemConx Caff Plus

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ChemConx Caff Plus Additive

ChemConx Caff Plus Caffeine, cosmetic grade, food grade caffeine powder is a good addition to your skin care formulating supplies. ChemConx Caff plus is a popular additive for use ina wide variety of skin care formulations. Many manufacturers and studies tout benefits of caffeine in cosmetics, and especially skin care.  Easily incorporated in to formulations.

Description: Caffeine /  Pure, USP Grade Topical Use only. Not to be ingested. Not to be used internally.

As our ChemConx Caff Plus powder is used in a variety of ways, from cosmetics additives, and we do not recommend any exact usage. We do not warranty or offer any guarantees that any ingredients offered  are suitable for any particular purpose. Customers must ALWAYS research their own formulations and uses.

When working with cosmetic ingredients it is highly recommended that all ingredients be measured accurately. Accurate measurement requires a scale Select a scale here 

 WARNING! Pure CAFFEINE Can be HIGHLY TOXIC if not used correctly. By Purchasing you agree, and are indicating that you are over 18 years of age, and that you are using for cosmetic purposes,

and understand that you must research your uses and, and understand the risks associated with the product, and you are solely responsible for the use of the product.