Chemconx GS Glyceryl Stearate

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Glyceryl Stearate

The Chemconx GS Glyceryl Stearate , INCI  Glyceryl Stearate, is a vegetable derived emulsifier made by the esterification of vegetable-derived, high-purity triple-pressed stearic acid with glycerin. It is one of the most broadly utilized ingredients for personal care products. Glyceryl stearate is typically used as the primary emulsifier, in conjunction with a variety of auxiliary emulsifiers. Glyceryl stearate  also performs as an effective skin conditioning agent when added. It is also an excellent opacifier and also a viscosity builder in emulsions. The chemconx GS Glyceryl Stearate is vegetable derived. Glyceryl sterate is also known as glyceryl monostearate, or by the initials "GMS."

Glyceryl stearate, being so widely used can be found in all kinds of products:  

  • After Sun Skin Care
  • Antiperspirants
  • Bar Soaps
  • Bath Additives
  • Cleansing Wipes
  • Daily Wear Sun Care
  • Deodorants
  • Color Cosmetics
  • Facial Cleansers
  • Facial Skin Care
  • Foot Care
  • Hair Colorants
  • Hair Conditioners
  • Hand & Body Care
  • Lip Care
  • Liquid Handsoaps
  • Mouthwash
  • Nail Care
  • Shampoos
  • Shaving Products
  • Shower Gels/Body Washes
  • Styling Aids
  • Toothpaste

Storage: Glyceryl Stearate should be stored in sealed containers and kept in a cool, dry place. Prolonged storage above 90°F (32°C) should be avoided. Avoid overheating.

CAS #  123-94-4


Also known as Glyceryl monostearate

Examples of uses:

  • Emulsifying Agent (W/O)
  • Co-Emulsifying Agent 
  • Opacifier
  • Biodegradable
  • Cleansing Agent
  • Emollient
  • Emulsion Stabilizing Agent
  • Plant Derived / Vegetable derived / based

Please see above Technical Data tab for additional product information.

Specifications - 

  • Appearance - White to slightly off white Waxy Flake
  • CAS:123-94-4
  • Type - Non Ionic
  • Saponification Value (mg KOH/g) 172
  • Acid value 1 / 6 Max
  • Iodine Value (gI2/100g) 0.3
  • Melting Point (°C)   57
  • HLB 3.7
  • Insoluble in water. 
  • Soluble in alcohols, glycols, Cosmetic Esters , Isopropyl Alcohol, Mineral Oil  ,Vegetable Oil 

 California Prop 65 Statement: The following statement is made in order to comply with the California Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986. This product is not known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm For more information visit

Storage: Glyceceryl Stearate  should be stored in sealed containers and kept in a cool, dry place. Prolonged storage above 90°F (32°C) should be avoided. Avoid overheating.

The component parts of Glyceryl Stearate are listed in the following countries; the registration number for the namesake component is included in parentheses: Europe (EINECS 204-664-4), Japan (ENCS 2-669), Canada (DSL 123-94-4), Australia (AICS 123-94-4), United States (TSCA listed) and Korea (ECL 9312-4516).

CAS #  123-94-4


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