Classic Reds Mica Collection

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Classic Red Mica Collection

Our all time favorite Red Micas in one Set! Choose the 1 Oz Set or the 4 Oz Set. 

When you choose the 1 Oz size you receive 1 Oz EACH of each color in the Set. If you select 4 oz size you receive 4 Ounces EACH of the micas in the Classic Red Set. 

All these great Classic Reds are in our Classic Red Set:

Mystic Magic Red (Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxide, Tin Dioxide)

Red Rose Mica (Mica -Titanium dioxide - Iron oxide- Manganese violet)

Valentine Red  (Mica -Titanium dioxide - Iron oxide)

Scarlet Red (Mica,Titanium Dioxide,Tin Oxide,Iron Oxide)