Eucalyptus Essential Oil (Blue Mallee)

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Eucalyptus Blue Malee

Made by distillation of leaves and terminal parts of plants.

Our fresh Eucalyptus Oil is a wonderful natural product with so many uses. You will enjoy using this high quality product in skin care, bath products, aromatherapy, masssage oil products, & more.

Eucalyptus oil is often used and thought of for its respiratory effects. However it has many other uses as well. It is used in and for relief for congestion. It is also thought to be highly anti-microbial. Therefore it is often thought to be an excellent oil to use during the winter months.

Use it in a diffuser to help keep colds away. Pure Eucalyptus oil is known to stimulate circulation, therefore warming the body, and is useful for relieving rheumatic aches and pains.

Try it in a a steam shower or sauna, helping to relieve cold and flu congestion. Or try putting some carefully on a cotton swab, to help stop the irritation of a bug bite.

Eucalyptus has been cited as useful as an insect repellent and as a treatment for lice and athletes foot.

It has a dominating scent. Can be blended nicely with lemon, lime, cedarwood, bergamot and tea tree!

Country of origin: Australia

Caution: Do not use if irritation occurs.

Storage: Store in a cool dry place, in sealed container.