Fluorescent Green-Yellow

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Fluorescent Green-Yellow Colorant

INCI: Polyester-3- Yellow 5

WOW! Beautiful BRIGHT Fluorescent Green Yellow 

Soap Colorant. Not for cosmetic use. 

In comparison to normal colors, these florescent colors pop since they are much brighter and  noticeable than their counterparts.

These fluorescent colorants work great alone or blend them to create all kinds of great colors!  

Concentrations to be used vary on the formulation you are trying to make. For example, liquid soap may require less colorant whereas compact powders will require much more.

A top selling fluorescent colorant! Customers love the vibrant Green yellow!

Used in so many ways! Popular in nail arts, poly Resin projects, Candle Making, resin Jewelry, Artists Acrylic and Tempera paints, Watercolors and Polymer Clay, and of course soap!

Technical Data Sheet

  • Product name: Green Yellow (Fluorescent Green Yellow)
  • INCI name: Polyester-3, Yellow 5
  • CAS No.: 68258.82.2, 12225.21.7
  • Date: 01.10.2015

Physical Properties

  • Characteristics: Green Yellow
  • Average particle size: 1-2µm

Chemical Composition

  • Polyester-3: 98.0-99.0%
  • Yellow 5 (C.I. 19140): 1.0-2.0%

Heavy metals

  • As: <2 ppm
  • Ba: <50 ppm
  • Cd: <3 ppm
  • Cr: <20 ppm
  • Cu: <50 ppm
  • Hg: <1 ppm
  • Ni: <10 ppm
  • Pb: <5 ppm
  • Sb: <1 ppm
  • Zn: <50 ppm

Microbial Purity

  • Total viable aerobic count: <100
  • E. Coli: Absent in 1g
  • Pseudomonas aeruginosa: Absent in 1g
  • Staphylococcus aureus: Absent in 1g
  • Salmonella species: Absent in 1g
  • Candida albicans: Absent in 1g

Safety Data Sheet