FOAM BUST 10 Silicone Defoamer

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Excellent, Handy Size to use in your small to medium size defoaming, and antifoaming situations.
Use in foamy fountains, water treatment, wastewater treatment, pools, spas, carpet cleaner water extraction machines (dilute 3 to 1 first) , chemical blending, etc..Anywhere you have a foam control problem where a silicone emulsion type product will work
Easy to use. You can use right out of jug, or dilute in to a sprayer or add 1:1 in to a small pump bottle.
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Appearance Milky-white emulsion Active Ingredient Content 10% by weight
Specific Gravity, 25/25°C 0.98 Viscosity at 25°C (after stirring), cP 2000

Emulsifier Type Nonionic
Shelf Life - 12 months if stored in a cool, dry area and kept unopened.
FOAM BUST 10 is an easy to use defoamer/ antifoam system.
Use FOAM BUST 10  to defoam , prevent foaming in industrial and wastewater applications, fountains that have been "soaped" and are foaming, etc...
Use Foam Bust 10 Defoamer, Antifoam, anywhere you have a foam control problem

This is a technical grade defoamer. It is not for use in cooking applications except where the process is not regulated (by-products, animal food / animal feed processing for example
Foam Bust 10 is an easy to use  silicone emulsion based defoamer, anti-foam product. 

Typical Directions/ Instructions:

Use as - is right out of the jug. Or add in to a sprayer bottle or sprayer jug

Foam Bust 10 is easily dispersed manually as needed, or it can be fed in to your system by way of common pumps, on a continuous feed cycle.  It

used to control all types of foaming problems in fountains, wastewater systems, pools, - and anywhere foam is a problem and a good quality

silicone emulsion system can be used

Product Usage - Use Foam Bust 10 antifoam as received, or dilute first with water or process liquid

Dilution: Mix 3 to 10 parts of diluent to 1 part antifoam; stir gently until a uniform mixture is reached


When evaluating Foam Bust 10 antifoam we recommend that 300-500 ppm of as-received product be evaluated initially, and adjust use levels according to the observed performance.  In waste water and chemical processing operations, 10-20 ppm of as-received product should be the initial evaluation level. Adjust usage levels per observed performance. Adjust as necessary as loads and production changes to maintain performance.

Not Regulated/ NON DOT Regulated Type product.