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Fragrance Oils Sample 5 Pack 2 Oz

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Fragrance Oils Sample 5 Pack of 2 Oz Bottles

you choose fragrance oils

We think you'll love the 5 pack of our best selling Fragrance oils. You choose 5 of our most popular fragrance oils and receive 2 Oz bottles of each fragrance selected.

A great value on the most popular fragrances! All 2 ounce bottles, enough to try in your favorite soaps, lotions and bath bombs.

You choose from the  5 lists of fragrances using the selection buttons. Select one fragrance from each of the 5 lists. There are duplications in each list so you can have a wider range of choices of the more popular fragrance oils. You may only choose 5  different fragrances.  You may not choose more than one sample of each fragrance. For example, you may not select 3 Avobath type fragrance oils. If you choose the same fragrance twice, we will select a random sample for you in place of the duplicate(s).

You'll  receive 5, 2 ounce bottles. 1 bottle for each fragrance for this special price! This is a great way to check out new fragrances!