GoatThroat Pump Red Remote Discharge Tap (Nitrile)

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GoatThroat Pump Remote discharge tap (Nitrile) Red

The exclusive GoatThroat Red, Nitrile, remote discharge tap greatly extends the versatility and the safety of the GoatThroat pumps. Not just a "pump." When you add a few of the many available accessories like the remote discharge pump, you have a complete liquid handling system!

Hose Sold Separately

The red nitrile seal remote discharge tap with an easy feel thumb operated tap is perfect for safe, easy transfer of liquids and chemicals from large drums, IBC Totes, or 5 gallon pails. The remote nozzle allows precise, one-hand flow control, leaving the other hand free for safety and work.

The thumb-operated tap dispenses liquids as easily as using a faucet. Pressurized liquids can be easily transferred to levels up to 6 feet higher than the container, which is impossible with traditional gravity-fed liquid transfer methods. And our patented drip-proof design helps keep work areas clean and prevent potentially hazardous spills.

Includes 1 GoatThroat Nitrile Discharge Red tap. All hose and tubing sold separately.

Hose types available (1/2 inch ID):

Cut / priced 5 foot lengths

Hose sold separately