Jennings JScale J-Ship 130 Lb Heavy Duty Shipping Scale

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Jennings JScale J-Ship 130 Lb Heavy Duty Shipping Scale

The Jennings JShip Shipping scales are really good heavy duty industrial scales.

Our JScale 130 weighs up to 130 lb / 59 kg . Weighs in Kg or Lb The ample sized 15" x 12" Stainless-Steel Weighing Platform is designed especially for weighing large and heavy objects. Come with easy to use, convenient wired remote display for easy reading.

Our JShip 130 is the perfect digital scale solution for shipping, manufacturing, spot-checking, and all kinds of every day requirements where you need to weigh to manufacture, repair, or ship. It's sometimes even used as a VET / animal scale by many customers.

  • Easy To Clean Membrane Keypad -You won't have to worry about dust and dirt getting stuck under and around this scale's buttons...The JShip 130 has an easy to clean membrane keypad with accurately labeled keys for easy weighing.
  • Tare Feature - The tare button on this digital shipping scale's weight display can be pressed to "zero out" weight on scale. You can then add more weight, and the display will only show the weight of the items you're adding. This is useful when you need to use a tray or box for weighing your things, or if ya want to get separate weights of multiple items.
  • Stainless-Steel Weighing-Platform is a huge 15" x 12" & definitely gives room enough for all your heavy weighing needs.
  • Large LCD Display is easy to use & has a Stainless-Steel, damage-resistant body; as well, it comes with a 6 foot cable for easy mobility. Easy to use. If needed you can hang the display on a wall or table.
  • The JShip scales come with an AC Adaptor & can be powered by 4 AA batteries. This enables both fixed and portable weighing. (another heavier duty option is our 332 lb (150 kg) capacity JShip-332)

 A good, heavy duty design has made them a proven winner for offices and business and warehouses everywhere.