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Jojoba Beads Evergreen

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Jojoba Beads Evergreen

Add some POP & excitement to any creation with our Green Jojoba Scrubby Beads

Our Jojoba scrubby beads are made from natural jojoba esters so they're biodegradable. They are a perfect alternative to plastic microbeads, that cause particle water pollution.

Our eye catching Evergreen Jojoba scrubby beads are made from natural jojoba esters - so they're gentle, effective, biodegradable easy to use, and a great value! They are easy and fun to use. Perfect for shower gels, shampoos, melt and pour soap, facial washes, scrubs and more! Use anywhere you want to brighten up a product with color, and add gentle exfoliating.

And they offer gentle exfoliation for your custom products. Specially formulated to be easy to use, gentle, and effective. Our jojoba spheres won't irritate or scratch delicate skin like exfoliants made with ground shells . Plus they are not a nut product - so they are a good choice for those that might suffer with allergies.

Use alone OR mix colors for an eye catching "confetti" look! The Evergreen is always a nice mix with our classic white jojoba scrubby beads

INCI: Jojoba Esters

Melt point 67-71 C


  • Replaces nut products as exfoliates.
  • Replaces plastics for exfoliation in bath and body products. (reduces water pollution and protects aquatic life)
  • Naturally derived from renewable sources.
  • Gentle Exfoliation.

Popular Applications for jojoba beads:

  • Facial cleansers and scrubs.
  • Exfoliating cleansers
  • Melt and pour soap
  • Bar Soaps
  • Shampoos, Body Washes

Formulating pointers: Jojoba Beads are practically insoluble in water, surfactants, mineral oils and most common formulating ingredients.

Jojoba beads should be incorporated in to formulations at room temperature. If you are suspending the beads in a blend of some type, you will need to experiment and make sure the product has enough thickness and high yield rheology to suspend the particles.

Often you will need to premix the beads in to an aqueous blend of water before adding the beads in to the final product to prevent the beads from clumping together.

* When used in glycerin Melt and pour soaps the beads may tend to float upward to the top of your soap during cooling phase.

Jojoba beads and spheres are stable under most normal formulating conditions, however keep in mind the melting point of the beads (180 F) . Temperatures above 125 F may start to soften the beads.

Low pH - 3 to 4 may cause color instability (bleeding and fading)

The recommended pH range of products incorporating the jojoba Srubby beads is pH 5 to 8 range

Certain colors made with ultramarines for example the Blue, may bleed or fade below a pH of 7.

Certain fragrances may afect the color stability. Always test the compatibility of jojoba spheres with fragrances.

Typical Usage: 1-15%. Start with 1-2 Tbs per pound of base for light to medium exfoliation. For scrubs usage is recommended up to 5%

20/40 jojoba spheres are completely biodegradable and derived from renewable resources - plants.

Melting point 67-71 C

Shelf Life: 2 years when stored in cool, dry place and protected from direct sunlight.

INCI: Jojoba Esters

Country of Origin: US