KD-8000 Soapmaker's and Baker's Math Scale

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KD-8000 Baker & Soapmaker's Math Scale (Silver)

Top selling Scale! Displays Pounds and Ounces, Pounds, Kilograms and Grams. Selection of weighing options.

Now comes with the powder cord at no extra charge. 

Features:The Baker's Percentage Feature The KD8000 Baker's Math feature does away with the usual math steps required in adding the correct amount of your ingredients, in proportion to the main ingredient in your formula or recipe (lye in soapmaking, or sodium bicarbonate, a surfactant, in bath and body products - or flour in baking for example). This feature allows you to easily re-size recipes based on percentages and makes mixing up formulations of all kinds a piece of cake!

Protective "Gunk" Shield The KD8000 kitchen math  scale comes with a removable "gunk" shield to protect the display and keys from any concoction you might be mixing up. This is perfect if you will be working on bath and body products, candy making, or candle or soap making.

Programmable Auto-Off Feature If you've ever had your scale turn off right in the middle of important measurements, you'll realize what a blessing this feature is. You can program the KD8000 to turn off automatically, or to stay on until you turn it off.

Tare Feature The tare button on the front of the KD8000 digital scale can be pressed to "zero out" the weight on the scale. You can then add more weight, and the display will only show the weight of the item you have added. A great feature if you want to use a separate bowl for mixing ingredients before placing on the scale. And, the KD8000 digital scale's display will tell you if it's holding a weight, if you pressed the tare button, and the unit you're weighing with.

Hold Feature This feature lets you remove weight from the scale and keep the weight reading on the display. This is useful if you need to remove your item from the scale, or if you are using the scale as a postal scale and having trouble seeing the weight display because of a big box.

Stainless Steel Platform This digital scale has an easy to clean, stainless steel weighing platform. It is durable, and  doesn't scratch easily.

AC POWER CORD is INCLUDED at www.makeyourown.buzz!

Remembers Last Unit Used If your application needs weights in the same unit of measurement, (like ounces for instance), it can be a real pain if your scale always turns on ready to weigh in grams. The KD-8000 turns on displaying the unit of measurement you were using when it was last turned it off.

Bright Backlit Display A backlit display to make it easier see your weight readings, even in dim lighting.

* This scale is similar to the MyWeigh KD7000. It just weighs 8 Kg instead of 7Kg. A Better value!

Power: Uses 3 AA batteries, or use the AC Adapter included!

Ample size platform - 6.8 inches X 6.8 inches

Scale Capacity: 8 Kg / 17 Lb 9 oz

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  • 5
    Kd-8000 Scale

    Posted by Karen Williamson on Jan 27th 2021

    This is the BEST scale ever. I have been wanting one for a year and finally able to get it.

  • 5
    Great Scale

    Posted by RAAW Creations on Oct 9th 2020

    Great scale very accurate. Measures with multiple options.

  • 5
    KD 8000

    Posted by Sharon Salzano on Aug 21st 2020

    This is hands down the best scale ever! I've gone through a few and finally decided to try it because soooo many makers rave about it. I didn't disappoint! If you go onto YouTube, there is a video that shows you how to set it so it doesn't auto turn off while you're working. That alone has made my life easier. You can also use the hold function if you need to walk away and remove the item you are weighing but not loose the weight, which is also very helpful. I highly recommend it. Worth every penny! I've also heard many makers using this scale for several years.... 5 years plus

  • 3
    KD8000 Scale

    Posted by Patricia Haye on Aug 14th 2020

    I really like the scale. The only thing is that it doesn't let me weigh decimals in grams only whole numbers. Maybe I'm doing something wrong but sometimes I need a measurement like 5.7 grams. It will only be 5 or 6 grams. Other than that, t's awesome

  • 5

    Posted by Paul on Jun 6th 2020

    A great scale. Easy to read, I like the large platform. And the baker's percentage feature, wow!

  • 5
    Perfect scale.

    Posted by Lynne Warren on May 19th 2020

    Does everything well. Love the shield, the AC plug, the removeable base, the accuracy, quality, ease of operation, Baker's math. Best thing on the market for the home kitchen.

  • 5
    KD 8000 SCALE

    Posted by Ben L on Dec 4th 2018

    The KD 8000 scale is the very best scale I have used for soap making and lotion making. I have had this one for just over 3 months. We have had another one for several years . It is very easy to use, and weighs in several different units - grams, Kg, Oz, Pounds etc... It has all kinds of features. I suggest reading the included instructions as there are several features on the scale that are very helpful. Has a lifetime warranty too.

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