Lanolin Alcohol

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Lanolin alcohol

INCI Name: Lanolin alcohol

CAS# 8027-33-6.

Lanolin alcohol is the non saponifiable fractions of USP lanolin further refined to a high level of purity. LANOLIN ALCOHOLS, is typically used in cosmetic and personal care products as a thickener and to add some body.

Lanolin Alcohol has so many uses. It is used in many common products like creams, lotions, eye make-up products, lipsticks, lip balm, natural antiperspirant sticks, various emulsion - lotions, creams and handcreams


Physical Form @ 25°C Yellow to Amber solid chunks

Typical pleasant odor. Water-insoluble. Melting point 60-75oC (140-167oF).

Properties: Non-gelling thickener & emollient, ideal ingredient for lipsticks & other stick cosmetics, gives smooth & soft feel, increases viscosity & thickness in emulsions, good moisturizing properties.

Use: Melt before use, typical use level 1-7%.