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Lip Balm Kit

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Lip Balm Kit
Make Your own LIP BALM!

For gifts or for resale!

You'll love making your own Lip Balm. They are so easy to make and very popular. 

You'll receive enough to make about 28 Tubes or 12 Tins. The exact number of lip balms you make with the kit varies depending on how well they are packed. All details are in the instructions. Bags will be marked with ingredients names.

The ingredients are packaged so that you have to do very minimal blending. There is a semi liquid "Part A"  with the oils and butters, and a "Part B" kit with waxes . This makes making your own lip balms easier than ever!


Lip Balm Tubes or Tins

Lip Balm Solid Base

Lip Balm Liquid Base

Vitamin E Acetate

Essential Oil (Optional) 

Mica (Optional)

2 droppers

Detailed Instruction Sheet with details on how to make the best lip balms for you, your family and friends.