Manual Bath Bomb Press

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Bath Bomb Press manual!

Check out this great value! A Top Quality, Easy to use manual bath bomb press. On Sale

Do you enjoy making bath bombs, and other fun, popular fizzy creations that you press in a mold?  Are you searching for an easier way to get products made?  

 Our US Made, easy to use manual  bath bomb press will not only speed up the process, plus, with all the great mold choices you'll love making bath bombs even more!

 This press has 1/2 x 20 thread size fits all of our bath bomb molds. It may not work with other manufacturer's molds. 

 Designed for Portability too!     Easy to put together, and easy to take apart.    

Made & Designed to be Portable. US MADE Manual Bath Bomb Press -is  easy to disassemble and re-assemble. 

                  6 Month Limited Warranty

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One mold per customer on the bundle pack.