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Mica Sample Set

Pick 10 from our colorful Mica Selection - WOW!

Select 10 BEAUTIFUL COLORS from the choices in the pull down menus.

Choose ANY 10  Micas in the menu selections for a great Price! 5 G bags

Our samples sizes (5 grams ea) are just perfect to get a look at what our Beautiful Micas can do for your favorite creations!

5 gram bags - 10 count of our beautiful colorful Micas - A great sample set can last quite awhile! Perfect to try them.

What a Great sample set for the crafter and soap maker wanting a good variety of colors to check out!

The perfect way to start  your Mica collections for all of your favorite projects! 

Perfect Sample  sizes - 5 Grams Each bag,  Choose 10  for your sample Set ~ Limited time!


10  Micas  5 Grams Each size bag!

Select your 10  Now!