My Weigh Phoenix Talking Body Fat Scale 440 Lb capacity

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My Weigh Phoenix Talking Body Fat Scale

440 Lb capacity (Black)

Details and Features The My Weigh Phoenix Talking Body Fat Scale has a 440 Lb capacity. Easy to use and you choose whether the scale announces your weight. Includes 4 AA Batteries. Easy to set up and Easy to use.

Great for families, or health groups or clubs as it can easily store information for up to 10 users! Measures in Kilograms or Pounds Memory Feature Platform Size 15.75 inches x 12.75 inches

Capacity: 440 Pounds or 200 Kg Measures BIA BIA (Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis)

The My Weigh Phoenix Talking Scale uses BIA technology. BIA is a body composition test that works by sending a SAFE electrical signal through your body, through stainless steel plates on the platform, to determines the amount of fat in your body. Measures body fat in 0.1% increments. * Although this feature is reported to be safe, if you, or any user has a pacemaker, or anything else electrical in your body, do not purchase or use this scale.

30 YEAR MANUFACTURER'S WARRANTY If there is a problem with this scale, just send it to the My Weigh warranty center in Phoenix, Arizona. They will fix or replace your scale, and send it back, typically withing just a few business days.