Natural Arkansas Beeswax 1 Lb Blocks

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Beeswax 1 Pound, All natural Arkansas Beeswax

1 Pound Block of Natural, filtered, Beeswax humanely collected from Arkansas. All natural, cleaned and molded 1 Lb Blocks of Pure Arkansas Beeswax.

All Natural filtered and molded beeswax.

Beeswax is the naturally occurring product of honey bees. When they make honey, the bees protect and store the honey inside the hive encapsulated in wax that they also make. . As they eat the honey, the bees food, their bodies make wax. Chewing the wax produced, with a little more honey, the bees build combs. And, when it is time beekeepers open the hives, the "cap" of wax to collect the honey. Instead of disposing of it- a local friend gently heats it, filters it, and molds it in to 1 Lb blocks (or another 1 Lb mold ) and we ship it direct to you! 

This is a very natural, and humane source for beeswax. Unlike many of the pastilles - this is an all natural product direct from Arkansas bees to you. 

* Beeswax is a NATURAL PRODUCT. The color of the beeswax will not be exactly as pictured. We pick random blocks to ship. If you buy more than a pound and desire a more uniform color gently heat the wax and melt your blocks together for uniformity.

Uses for all natural Ozark beeswax- Candle dipping, candles made from molds, Beard and mustache wax and creams, Salves, Carving, Nail and screw lubricant, Moisturizing creams and lotions, Soap making Fruit Coating, Baking-sheet coating, lip balm, Leather waterproofing, Polishes and so much MORE!

* WE CAN NOT ALWAYS SHIP THIS WHEN IT IS ORDERED.  THERE IS SOMETIMES a 4 to 7 business day lead time for filtering and molding the Beeswax. If you do not see the ADD to CART button and see a date displayed you can Pre Order for a future shipment. At other times you will see our lead time on the ad page for this wonderful all natural beeswax.



Formulations using Beeswax:


Lotion Bars


Simple Salve


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    Posted by on Jul 22nd 2017

    Lovely pure beeswax. No smokey beeswax smell!