Our Employees

Our greatest company asset is our employees. They get the work done day in and day out, and serve all of our wonderful customers to make sure they are taken care of. 

Mark Hughey Sr.

Mark started Chemistry Connection with his wife Anne, and he has been co-owning since 1998. He has been selling all kinds of chemicals and ingredients since 1994, having worked for several large chemical and ingredients distributors before deciding to start a company with Anne, to focus more on sourcing products for small and medium sized companies.  Mark worked for Brenntag, the largest chemical distributor in the world, and several small and regional chemical distribution companies before starting Chemistry Connection. He and Anne lived in Memphis, and Atlanta where he was a manager of a chemical distribution company. Mark's specialty has always been sourcing ingredients and chemicals, and wants to help all of his Chemistry Connection customers grow and prosper. In his spare time, he loves to travel with his wife, spend time with family, going to the lakes and rivers in Arkansas. Mark served in the Tennessee Air National Guard for several years before starting work in the chemical and ingredients field. Mark has served on the board of a local non profit homeless shelter, Bethlehem House. He and Anne continue to serve there and over the years have helped many there find jobs. Mark and Anne and their family, along with employees of Chemistry Connection , support and serve at Bethlehem House regularly, providing meals and volunteering.

Anne Hughey

Anne and Mark started Chemistry Connection together in 1998, and has been co-owning since. Anne enjoys making all kinds of soaps, bath bombs and other fun do it yourself crafts. She loves spending time finding great colors, wonderful fragrances for customers, and helping Mark find specialty ingredients. In her spare time she loves to cook (she is a GREAT cook!), spend time with her 3 sons and husband, loves finding and drinking new coffees, shopping, and traveling with her husband. Her favorite companion, other than Mark of course, is her black flat haired retriever Ranger. Anne volunteers with her husband, family, and employees at Bethlehem House in Conway to help the homeless. 

Tyler B

Tyler is our fantastic customer service representative and administrative assistant. She  has been with Chemistry Connection since 2015. Tyler work diligently to make sure every customer is taken care of, emails are answered and helps us all "keep it together." Tyler enjoys spending time with her family, going to concerts. She loves animals and Foo Fighters.

Mark Hughey Jr.

Mark H. (Jr) has been with Chemistry Connection since it started. He helps with many special projects from A to Z. He is currently working on an inventory and supplier project, and helps with packaging too. Mark enjoys spending time with his family and playing War Hammer. Mark serves in the Arkansas Air National Guard in addition to his job at Chemistry Connection. 

Daniel Hughey

Daniel, the son of Mark and Anne. He has been with Chemistry Connection since 2012. Daniel packs orders and helps in the warehouse. When he is off work Daniel enjoys driving his vintage Volvo all over the state. He loves playing with his dog. Daniel serves in the Arkansas Army National Guard in addition to his job at Chemistry Connection.

Steve M.

Steve has been with Chemistry Connection since 2016. Steve helps with packing, and is DOT HAZMAT trained and helps with special packaging requirements many customers require. He drives our forklift and works with LTL Carriers getting a lot of the larger shipments out the door safely and on time. He really enjoys spending time with his grandchildren, and loves to hunt and fish all over Arkansas.


Samantha recently started with us at Chemistry Connection. She packages products and gets orders shipped out to our great customers. In her spare time she is a writer and also enjoys playing video games, and is a Nintendo fan.

Erik G.

Erik is a packager and makes sure we get our customer's packages and parcels out quickly and accurately. in addition to packing, Erik helps us  in the warehouse, and in our retail store. He has been with Chemistry Connection since 2017. In his free time, Erik simply enjoys life.

Anna B.

Anna recently started at Chemistry Connection in early 2018. She helps us get packages out the door accurate and on time. In addition to packing, she is also assisting with social media and several special projects. Anna is  a classical musician, enjoys playing Viola and teaching music to local students in private lessons and in music workshops. She also plays for several local orchestras and symphonies.


Jasper is our web developer and photographer. Sometimes he can even be found in the warehouse packing, and taking a few pictures of products. He has really helped us upgrade our product photos. He has been with Chemistry Connection since 2016. Jasper enjoys many outlets of creativity including cinematography, photography, and playing and producing music.