Pink Himalayan Salt (Coarse)

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Pink Himalayan Salt (Coarse)

Widely known for it's attractive color and it's claimed health benefits, Himalayan Pink Salt is a mineral salt and is composed of mostly sodium chloride, along with trace minerals of iron, potassium, magnesium, and calcium, which gives this salt it's rich pink color. Located in one part of the world, thousands of feet under the Himalayan Mountains, these salt fields were created from ancient oceans millions of years ago. Because they were encased in lava and ice, and left untouched for so long, these salt fields are said to be the cleanest and purest in the world.

Since the mineral content in Himalayan Pink Salt, it is considered to have added health benefits in the holistic community. This salt is of the highest quality and is organic compliant. Unlike common commercial salt, this salt is unbleached, unrefined, and unprocessed. 

Since there is mineral content in Himalayan Pink Salt it is often considered to have added health benefits in the holistic community. 

Our coarse grade Pink Himalayan salts are certified as 100% NATURAL, and is Kosher, Non-GMO, does not contain any MSG, Soy, Gluten, Dairy, or anti-caking agents.

 We import ONLY the very BEST quality  Himalayan salts and package in our US facility in Conway Arkansas. Unbleached, unrefined, and unprocessed pink Himalayan salt.

 Our coarse Pink Himalayan Salts are perfect to use in your soaps, like cold process or melt and pour, and great for making your own sea salt scrubs, and for adding to bath bombs too! They look gorgeous in soaps, scrubs and other favorite care recipes, and helps scrub away dirt too, as they make a nice natural light exfoliant. 

Specification of our Himalayan Pink Salts

Common Name: Himalayan Sea Salt or Pink Himalayan salt

  • Ingredient / INCI Name: Sodium Chloride
  • Shelf Life: Best within 1 to 2 years
  • Used in soap - Cold Process: yes
  • Used in Melt and Pour: yes
  • Bath Bombs: yes