Red 27 Aluminum Lake (D& C Batch Certified)

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Red 27 Aluminum Lake (D&C Batch Certified)

Our Red 27 D C Batch certified lake is a vibrant pink/red, a popular lake for many uses and in many products, from cosmetics, to bath bombs, and even used for dying textiles like wool.

This Red 27 Lake is D&C Batch Certified and approved for use in Drugs and Cosmetics following good manufacturing processes. Not approved for cosmetic use around eyes.

Certified at 18% color Percent. A little goes a long way!

Color: This colorant produces a beautiful vibrant pink/red. Blend easily with other colors to achieve all kinds of spectacular tints. Make purple by blending the Red 27 with our FD&C Blue No. 1 aluminum lake.

When making bath and body product like your favorite bath bombs, bubble bars or bath salts, or any product you'll be enjoying in the water in a tub or shower, we suggest using a surfactant / emulsifier like polysorbate 80 in your liquids stage at a typical rate of 1-2% to help prevent the color from adhering to tub surface. Always test! Not approved for around the eyes

D&C Red 27 Lake is authorized for use in cosmetics, nail polishes, melt and pour soaps, cold process soaps. It is also perfect for use in art, and even textiles, like dying wool or cotton. Experiment and use it in a variety of ways for a beautiful vibrant pink red. Different amounts will produce many different shades. Blend with other colorants to get exactly what you are looking for.

Directions: D&C Red 27 disperses best in oil and oil based products. For dry products, add the needed amount of the colorant powder to the dry ingredients. Incorporate color to formula by adding very small amounts at a time. The colorant can also be used in water based products, by first being dissolved in liquid USP or food grade glycerin.

Color Migration: When compared to D&C Dyes, most of the lake dyes are less likely to migrate between layers of melt and pour soap. If your soap or other product  has layers of colors, like layered soap, over use of the dye may  cause colored layers to migrate or “bleeding” between layers. Try different methods and experiment.

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D&C Red 27 Physical Form: Vibrant Pinkish Red fine Powder

Solubility: Insoluble. Dispersible in oil. Try dispersing in glycerin for products used in water systems.

Storage: Keep product away from humidity, in room temperature and in an airtight container always.

Shelf Life: Indefinite if stored properly in a sealed airtight container.

Protect hands, use latex or nitrile gloves. Protect the surfaces you are working on, as these colors are very concentrated and will stain counter tops, wood, clothing.

Using too much dye may cause staining while manufacturing and when final product is used.

Always test your final product to insure optimal performance with no staining. Keep a retained sample to ensure optimal long term quality and shelf life and for later comparisons

Also known as D&C Red 27 Aluminum Lake Repack and/or Batch certified D&C Red 27 Lake Repack

Batch CC1010 - Lot AY8735

Safety Data Sheet