Resolve B2B NET Terms

Chemistry Connection, dba offers business customers the ability to open a credit line and have Net 30 Terms. *

Our partner is the leader for Business to Business net terms technology, Resolve Pay. Using this innovative partnership your business can have a credit line which will grow as you do. Having this option will help our business customers with their cash flow and purchasing strength.

It's Easy - Just apply in advance, then choose Resolve B2B in our check out.


Resolve offers customers hassle-free terms for your business purchases, allowing you to buy now, and pay later, freeing up valuable cash to grow your business.

It's Easy to Get started and purchase using our Resolve B2B Net 30
Create a Resolve account * -it's just a few easy steps. Start here!
After you receive your approval, then look for Resolve B2B in our checkout. Get started here! 
*If you have already used the Resolve B2B pay button in our check out, NO PROBLEM, just apply for the account with Resolve, and when your account with us is approved, the invoice paid, we'll get your order shipped. 


Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ - Using Resolve B2B Net Terms with Chemistry Connection dba

How does our Resolve B2B Net 30 work?

Our Resolve B2B payment option offers businesses (sole proprietors, LLCs, corporations, non profits) hassle-free terms for your purchases from Once your account is open, you have a credit line, and use that to pay the invoice. This allows you to buy now, using your credit line, and then pay later with NET 30 Day Terms. You'll have a credit line you can draw from. 
We stay in touch as you apply, and use the credit line. 


How do Net Terms work?
After your credit line is approved, usually in just 1 business day, you'll complete your purchase at using the Resolve B2B payment method.  You'll pay the full balance in 30 days.


How do I purchase using the Resolve B2B Net 30 payment method?
It's easy. You'll just need to create a Resolve account, in just a few easy steps. Once your account is approved, you're ready to purchase, and use the credit line extended. Just look for the Resolve B2B Payment method in our checkout, at


How do I pay my invoices when they are due?
You can pay your bills easily online by ACH transfer or by mailing us a check.
There's more information available as you create your account, and you are always welcome to call us, or contact our payment partner Resolve, and we can answer your questions.
 *There are conditions and terms. Not everyone will qualify. This payment method is geared to business applicants with some credit history. Learn more at  and See our other terms and conditions page too.