Sal Butter

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Sal butter

INCI Name: Shorea (Sal) Robusta - Also known as Shorea butter

CAS 225234-08 2

Our popular, top selling Sal Butter, is a  cosmetic grade, organic butter  used in many skin care products, lip balm and care formulations, and hair care products. Sal Butter is often used in cold & Hot Process Soaps as well.

Whether you are making lotions, creams, massage oils, you will love Sal Butter.

And, Sal butter is often popular in lotion bars, since it has high levels of the stearic and oleic fatty acids it will help make a firmer product.

Sal  Butter has high levels of  triglycerides which are thought to help with stability in formulations by minimizing oxidation.

Soapmaking Saponification Info: SAP NaOH .132, KOH .185

Our top quality, cosmetic grade Sal butter is obtained from the seeds produced by the Shorea tree found in India.

Sal Butter is light yellow in color and is a good cocoa butter replacer. It provides a good softening effect on the skin as it melts at the temperature of the skin and spreads well. Sal butter is emollient and also contains properties that help protect the skin against sunlight.

Appearance:  A Light yellow butter
Odor - slight to no odor
Melt Point 27 - 38 C / 81 - 100 F
saponification Value 178-192
Iodine Value 35-49

STORAGE: Store in an airtight, cool, dark location. When stored properly, best used within 1 year from date of purchase.