Scarlet Red Mica

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Scarlet Mica 

Scarlet Mica is always a favorite! Our Scarlet Red mica is a shimmery red made of pure mica flakes coated with titanium dioxide, causing a beautiful  glossy scarlet red with sparkle. 

Our Scarlet Red Mica is an amazing red that you'll really love! It will be a favorite in all of your custom  make up creations, soap and many other formulations.

Scarlet Red looks beautiful alone, or add it to other micas,  pigments and dyes to get new exciting shades of reds and pinks. Blend with out top selling titanium dioxide  too!

INCI: Mica,Titanium Dioxide,Tin Oxide,Iron Oxide

Typical  Applications and usage:

  • Bath Bombs 3% to 5% 
  • Body Lotions & Creams .05-5.0% 
  • Soap 1.0-5.0% 
  • Vanishing Cream 2.0-5.0% 
  • Blush & Foundation 2.0-10.0% 
  • Makeup Powders 5.0-10.0% 
  • Lipstick & Lip gloss 5.0-10.0% 
  • Eyeshadow Pencils & Eyeliner Pens 2.0-15.0% 
  • Nail Polish 2.0-20.0% 
  • Eyeshadow 10.0-40.0%