Sea Salt Medium

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Sea Salt Medium Grain

Our beautiful Medium Grain Sea Salts are perfect for your favorite spa formulations! Sea Salt is a perfect base for all kinds of Salt Scrubs, Sea Salt Soak Formulas, Bath and Soak Salts, even salt soaps! 

 Our Medium Grain Sea Salt is perfect for all of your favorite sea salt scrubs, sea salt blends for water therapy,or make a custom blend up with a combination of our Coarse Sea Salt, and Pure Epsom Salts, and add some of our lavender buds, other herbs, and fragrance or essential oils too! Absorbs oils and fragrances too!

A medium grain  all natural sea salt, with no Additives. Pure sea salt.

Perfect for your food use too!

Great for the body, mind & SPIRIT

* Our pure unpackaged salts can be affected by moisture. Keep the medium grain sea salts tightly sealed until ready for use