Sodium Alginate

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Sodium Alginate 


Sodium Alginate is a natural product created by extracts from a particular seaweed growing in frigid cold water regions, in the N Atlantic for example.  It has many unique applications.  It can be used to create durable resilient gels, and can be used as a thickener. 

Key benefits are that Sodium Alginate has no discernible flavor or odor so it is easy to use with fragrances and flavors. And, sodium alginate creates foam.

Sodium Alginate is often used in the food industry to increase thickness / viscosity and is used as an effective emulsifier. Also effective creating spheres with a liquid gel center and a gel membrane. You can create "jelly Like " substances easily - or create a product that when it hits the water will create a "jelly" like gel.

Another particular use for sodium alginate is creating "spherification" using a method called "direct spherification." When sodium alginate is combined with a small percentage of calcium or calcium salts like calcium lactate or a simple calcium chloride liquid small beads or "spheres are formed. The calcium liquid can be created by combining food grade  calcium chloride  with distilled or deionized water.  These spheres or "balls" can be filed with other liquids or flavors for specialized drink or food applications. This is a just a very simple explanation  of the method. You can find more specific recipes and guides about spherification methods using sodium alginate and calcium lactate and calcium chloride liquids on specific internet sites like "molecular  

Sodium Alginate also finds many other important uses: In the dyeing industry for dyeing fabrics and textiles, as a "printing paste." It is reported that printing paste made of sodium alginate has  good stability, and it can produce thin coatings in printing processes helps yield. 

Because of its unique properties new uses for sodium alginate are being discovered all the time. One of the top new uses for sodium alginate are in the realm of personal care. Many crafters, hobbyists, all the way to giants in the  industry are using sodium alginate in fun personal products like bath bombs, bath fizzies to add a new dimension to their products. Since sodium alginate creates a jelly- like substance, these new creations create a "jelly " like consistency in the water for fun. Many report that they think the gel created also has benefits like adding moisture to the skin and an extra good after feel to products as well. 

Our Sodium Alginate is top quality, high active,  90.8% Minimum white to off white fine powder.