Sodium Benzoate 33% Liquid 55-Gallon Drum

4 Drum Minimum - for pricing

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Sodium Benzoate 33% Liquid

Sodium Benzoate 33% FCC Grade Liquid functional uses are: preservative and antimicrobial agent. Sodium benzoate is affirmed as GRAS 21 CFR 184.1733, is used as a preservative in the production of jams and jellies 21 CFR 150, and as an antimycotic in the manufacture of food-packaging materials as stipulated in 21 CFR 181.


Sodium Benzoate is a clear, colorless, nearly odorless liquid. Sodium Benzoate is a food preservative and is bacteriostatic and fungistatic in acidic conditions. Sodium Benzoate has an E number of (E211). Sodium Benzoate can also be called Benzoate of Soda.

Safety Data Sheet