Sodium Bicarbonate

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Sodium Bicarbonate

Best Quality USP #1 baking Soda Powder from Arm and Hammer

Top Quality Baking Soda for a wide variety of uses. From making bath and body products, fizzy bath bombs, to science projects.

We only offer the very best grade the Arm and Hammer UPS # 1 Powder

Customer love to combine this sodium bicarbonate with our top selling fine citric acid when they are making their bath bombs. You should try the combination as well- Give it a try!

Why short change on your ingredients? The best ingredients, like the USP #1 Powder Baking Soda, make the best products. 

NaHCO3 Pure top quality, Sodium Bicarbonate. 

Packed & shipped to you for your cooking, Alkalinity in pools and water treatment, bath bomb recipes, & crafts, and more.

Great for all types of applications - cooking, making bath bombs, swimming pool chemistry, homeschool, emergency spill clean up, science projects (Volcanoes!) and more!