Tetrasodium EDTA

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Tetrasodium EDTA

Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid, also known as Tetrasodium EDTA also known as Na4 Tetrasodium EDTA Chelate

A very versatile chelating agent. Used in a wide variety of applications. Often used for controlling water hardness.

In personal care products EDTA is used to control metal ions across a very broad pH range, and helps extend shelf life and slow deterioration of product, improve effectiveness, and increase hard water performance, rinseability, clarity, fragrance integrity, and shelf life of formulations.

Tetrasodium EDTA can also be used to neutralize Carbomer, or raise the pH of personal care formulations.
Tetrasodium EDTA chelates most transition metals typically between pH rge of 4 to 12.
Tetrasodium EDTA is easy to use and is added to emulsions in the water phase at typical use levels of 0.02%-0.1% so it is very cost effective.

EDTA is a good addition to soaps, hair products, creams and lotions. And used to neutralize Carbomer, or raise the pH of personal care formulations while providing additional benefits like extending shelf life. A good chelate enhances the efficacy of preservative systems.


Formulations using Tetrasodium EDTA:

Bubbly Foamy Bath Butter

Safety Data Sheet

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