Tri Pour Beakers (Multiple Sizes)

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Tri Pour beakers

Handy, Disposable Tri Pour Beakers For pouring up and mixing colors, ingredients and chemicals. 

Disposable Tri-Pour Graduated Disposable Beakers Made of durable Polypropylene, these nice tri pour disposable beakers with a special tri-corner design provide three dripless pouring spouts. Easy to read graduated markings.

May be written on. Autoclavable. Translucent.

Choose Size - we offer the 50mL, 100mL  and 250 mL and 1000 mL TriPour Beakers.

Helpful conversion to help you choose the beaker best suited for your uses-

50 mL 1.7 Oz

100 mL 3.3 Oz

250 mL 8.45 Oz

1000 mL 33.8 Oz

Caps sold separately. (Caps unavailable for 50 mL and or 100 mL Sizes)