Triethanolamine 99%

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Triethanolamine 99%

Also known as TEA, Triethanolamine is a widely used amine chemical with many functions. It is used in the manufacturing of many other chemicals - like surfactants, and emulsifiers. It is a common ingredient used in many common consumer, commercial and industrial products.

A few primary uses for TEA are for pH buffering in cosmetics, adding stability to emulsified systems,  neutralizing fatty acids, adjusting and solubilizing oils and other ingredients that are not completely soluble in water.

Some common places you might find triethanolamine in products are: Lotions, liquid detergents like laundry and dishwashing liquid soaps, shaving creams, general surface cleaners, polishes, metalworking fluids, paints, and printing inks.

Triethanolamine 99% is also used to neutralize formulations including the ingredient Carbopol 940 

THIS IS 99% TRIETHANOLAMINE. It is NOT the LOW FREEZE GRADE. TRIETHANOLAMINE FREEZES SOLID at  70 deg F. To make handling easier, many will gently warm the material (usually in a sink of warm water) and then dilute with 15% water to lower the freeze point.

5 gallon pail 45 pounds +- net weight and ships in our new 5 gallon pail with spout that is resealable and has a convenient back grip for easier pouring.

Material Freezes at 70 deg F. Do not put in microwave. The containers we sell this material in are not suitable for use in hot, high wattage microwave ovens. Most users find that gently warming the material up in warm water works well.  

DRUMS are 510 Pounds NET 

Do you need to transfer triethanolamine from a drum or  a pai? Check out the GoatThroat Pump GT200 with the EPDM seals. Our GoatThroat pumps make transferring and handling liquids easier and safer. 


Formulations using Triethanolamine 99%:

After Bath Moisturizer

After Bath Splash

Protective Hand Lotion

Sunscreen Cream


Product Code, INCI Name and CAS No.

  • INCI Name: Triethanolamine
  • CAS no: 102-71-6
  • EINECS no.: 203-049-8


  • Appearance: Slight Yellow Liquid
  • Odor: Slight Ammonia Odor
  • Specific Gravity: 1.126
  • Melt/Freeze Point: 69.8°F
  • pH of 10% Aqueous Solution: 11
  • Solubility: Soluble in Water
  • Freeze Point: 69.8°F
  • Viscosity at 68°F : 921 cps
  • Country of Origin USA
  • Shipping: Not Regulated in US

Use in Cosmetics and Soap Making

Adhesives & Cements, Agricultural Chemicals, Anti Ageing Creams & Lotions, Cement Grinding Aid, Corrosion Inhibitors, Cosmetics, Cutting Fluid, Detergents, Dispersant, Eye Creams, Facial Cleaner, Foundations, Gas Treating, Hair Care ,Hair Styling Aids, Mascara, Metal Working Fluids, Moisturizing Cream Formulations, Oil Field Production Chemicals, Paint & Coatings, Photographic, Shaving Cream, Skin Care Products, Soap, Sun Care Products, Sunscreens - Water Resistant, Textile Lubricant, Urethane Foams

Shelf Life

Under optimal storage conditions, in original unopened drums/containers, minimum two years.

Safety Data Sheet

Certificate of Analysis

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    Good product and best service thanks for Sellers

    Posted by ali mustapha on May 24th 2020

    Thank you very much

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    Posted by Daniel keating on Jul 18th 2018

    Best price on this chem. I still develop film and TEA is used for developer like 510Pyro. This is 1/2 the price from other suppliers and works great. Fast shipping is a big plus