Tygon SE 200 tubing 0.50 Inch id

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Tygon SE200 1/2 Inch id 5 foot tubing

Tygon SE200  tubing 1/2 Inch ID for all kinds of surfactants, paints, chemicals and more. This tubing/ hose size is Compatible with our GoatThroat Pump remote discharge tap

Tygon SE-200 Tubing is a widely used Tygon tubing with many top features needed for handling a wide variety of products including food and beverage, natural oils, fragrances, solvents, surfactants, chemicals and ingredients. With Tygon SE200 you have flexibility with glass like clarity, and outstanding bend radius that Tygon tubing is known for. 

The Tygon SE 200 inert tubing can handle so many chemicals and applications where flexible tubing of the past could not be used. It features an FEP inner liner that offers the ultimate in chemical resistance, handling a wide variety of fluids from corrosives to MEK-based solvents. The liner is inert, meaning it will not extract or contaminate fluids being transferred.

It is ideal for food and beverage product, and fragrances, since the fluid path will never impart odor or taste.  It meets FDA criteria for food and beverage applications, as well as USP Class VI criteria for biocompatibility. 

Tygon Inert Tubing SE200 combines all the benefits of Tygon with the inertness of a fluoropolymer, providing superior performance in many applications, and industries. 

Typical Applications: - Chemical processing - Food and Beverage dispensing-  Paint and solvent production and packaging - Adhesive transfer lines - Semiconductor processing - Photographic processing equipment -  - Ink and toner feed lines - Fertilizer and pesticide distribution 


  • Fluorinated ethylene propylene (FEP) lining for increased resistance to chemicals, solvents, and alcohols
  • Working temperature range of -40 to 170 degrees F and durometer (hardness) of 67A


Clear Tube

Sold in 5 ' Lengths