Wheat Germ Oil

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Our Crafter's Choice refined Wheat Germ Oil is a clear, light yellow oil with a bland typical odor.

CAS#: 008006-95-9

SAP Values: 185-195

Wheat Germ Oil-Refined is rich in essential fatty acids, and natural vitamins and essential. Beta carotene and Vitamin E are among the most notable essentials in this great oil.

It must be noted that refined Wheat Germ Oil is sensitive to temperature exposure and must be stored in a stable environment and kept away from extreme temperatures and oxygen.

Applications: Typically refined Wheat Germ Oil is in all types of ways - in cooking, soapmaking, cosmetics and more.

For cooking the oil is typically used in cold process food preparation where no heat is necessary.

In cosmetics, refined Wheat Germ Oil’s natural nourishing properties make it an ideal oil for applications targeting dry, damaged, and aging skin.