Pumps and Lids

Shipping Bulk Packaging - Shipping Charges On  our Bulk packaging, multiple amounts of the bottles,  jars, lids, tops, sometimes our website shipping calculator does not properly calculate the shipping, usually due to the large sizes of the boxes used, that have very little weight in them. . Sometimes the calculation is not enough, and sometimes the calculated quote might be too high. To make sure we get the shipping on your package order correct we do reserve the right to adjust the shipping on orders of bulk jars, bottles, tops, etc in our packaging category. We do not want customers to overpay, nor do we want to have the shipping undercharge you an amount that prevents us from selling the packaging. if we do have to update the shipping amount. Remember, if you are not happy with our shipping quote we will refund you what was paid for your packaging order,  and the shipping you already paid. No questions asked.

We appreciate your understanding and your  business.