Bubbly Foamy Bath Butter

This recipe makes approximately 1.6lbs of finished foamy bath butter base.


All ingredients are measured by weight, not volume.

Mixing Procedure

  1. Carefully measure liquid ingredients, excluding the preservative, and thoroughly stir to combine. Then blend remaining dry ingredients into this mixture and place into a microwave safe bowl and stir until completely incorporated.Mixture will be thick but will thin out as it is warmed.
  2. Heat the ingredients in the microwave in 2 minute bursts and stir vigorously with a whisk until all dry ingredients are completely melted and product is smooth without any grit. Do this for approximately 3-4 minutes to ensure a smooth product and help it cool down a bit.
  3. Once the product is smooth, transfer it to a metal or plastic bowl, add the preservative, and set the bowl into an ice water bath to quicken the cooling process. With a spatula, slowly swirl the bowl while scraping the sides and smoothing the butter! It will start to firm up immediately.
  4. Once it is completely firm, it will be the consistency of Shea Butter. Now, pat yourself on the back. You created Bubbly Foamy Bath Butter! You can take your creation and whip it to twice, or 3 times its size! Add fragrance, essential oils, carrier oils, exfoliators, herbs, or whatever you like! From here, the possibilities are endless!Package, label correctly if you are reselling, and Enjoy!

This recipe/ formulation is a guideline. You are encouraged and advised to do your own research. If you are making this to re-sell it is suggested you research all local and state and federal regulations and laws including those about manufacturing practices, labeling and packaging and any other pertaining to these types of products.