Castor oil: Types of Castor oil and their uses

Posted by MH on Mar 22nd 2019

Kinds of Castor oil, and their usesCastor oil is a very useful, and one of the most popular oils used when making soaps and many other useful personal care productsTypes of castor oil we offer:CASTOR … read more

Natural Butters

Posted by MH on Jan 17th 2019

Natural Butters and oilsWe have a wide selection of all natural butters and oils. Many know as for our organic Shea butter,  always a top product, yet we carry so many more! Our selection of butt … read more
Surfactants - What are they, and how can I use them

Surfactants - What are they, and how can I use them

Feb 27th 2018

SURFACTANTSWhat are Surfactants, and how  can we use them effectively? The text book definition of a surfactant is they are "substances that tend to reduce the surface tension of a liq … read more

Making Lotions Tips and How-Tos

Feb 11th 2018

Making Lotions Tips and How-TosLearning  to make lotions  is a great way to  expand your horizons in the "make-your own, arena. How to make  lotion is a handy skill, and very usefu … read more
Citric Acid Fine Free Flowing

Citric Acid Fine Free Flowing

Posted by MH on Feb 10th 2018 sells only the very best, top quality, free flowing, fine citric acid, and only from US Domestic Citric Acid producers. We do not stock or sell any foreign Citric Acid other than … read more