Pale Pressed Castor Oil Uses and where to buy

Posted by MH on Jul 28th 2019

Differences between Pale Pressed Castor oil and regular castor oil, its uses and where to buyWhat is the difference pale pressed castor oil, and Castor oil #1? All castor oil is made by proc … read more

Sulfated Castor oil Uses and Where to buy

Posted by MH on Jul 28th 2019

SULFATED CASTOR OILAlso called "TURKEY RED" CASTOR OILSulfated Castor oil is a useful type of castor oil also derived from the Castor plant Ricinus communis,There is a type of castor oil that is … read more

A look at preservatives

Posted by MH on Jul 24th 2019 carries a wide range of top quality, easy to use preservatives for personal care, hard surface cleaners and a wide range of other applications. Best Quality Preservatives On … read more