Simple Salve

Easy to make Lanolin and beeswax based salve

This recipe makes about 1 pound of a simple salve using all natural  Lanolin and Beeswax as a base


Ingredient Amount
Lanolin 12 oz
Beeswax 3 Oz
Sweet Almond Oil* 1 Oz

Notes - You can use just about any vegetable type oil here as a substitute for almond oil. Try using olive oil, or Avocado oil, coconut oil. Rather than using the yellow or white beeswax beads or pastilles - try using our all natural Arkansas Beeswax! It is a great way to make any product where you use natural beeswax. Also, keep in mind you can also change the proportions of the lanolin, beeswax and the almond (or any vegetable based oil) to customize the salve to get your desired results. This is just a starting point formulation - adjust it as needed to make it your own.

Mixing Procedure:

Wash and sanitize all of your utensils, work space and tins. Combine the lanolin, beeswax and the oil of your choice in a clean sanitized double boiler set up and melt over low heat. Gently stir until blended. Once blended, add any additives you wish (i.e., essential oils, herbal infused oil, vit. E oil, herbs, etc.).

Additives to try in your lanolin beeswax salve: Favorite additives many use in salves are: Allantoin, vitamin e oil , lavender, calendula, 2 drops lavender essential oil

This salve is perfect for packing in our 0.5 oz metal tins. To pack in the tins- First wash and sanitize the tins and get them prepared to pour in to by separating them all and place them near by where you are working on a level surface. After you gently melt all the ingredients in your double boiler on low heat and finish making the salve, gently and carefully pour the salve in to the containers. It is best to have a few extra just in case you made a little more salve than expected.

You can also try our larger 4 oz metal tins or our 2 oz tins with clear tops!

Use formulation at your own risk. We make no claims on the suitability of products used, or this product. Chemistry Connection dba not responsible for outcome, liability, or any damages.