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April 5 2021 

We started this FAQ for your information about our operations. This page will be updated as our operations change and as needed:

Frequently Asked Questions during  COVID 19 - 

  1. Customers can  place orders online.  We are open for business,  and ship orders daily. *
  2. Are your operations up and running? What is your current ship/ processing time?  Our operations are up and running normally, but due to a number of factors, our processing time is delayed. Currently we are experiencing larger than normal order volume ( Thank you for your business!! ) and some delays on inbound shipments from vendors of goods we offer. . 
  3. After orders are placed we request that customers not cancel an order, and we review cancellations on a case by case basis. There will be a 10% restocking fee on cancellation. See our About Us page for terms and information on cancellations and returns.  
  4. When will a local store pick up option be available? We do have a new "Non contact customer pick up" . It is available in check out now!   *If you do not see the local "Non contact " pick up option in checkout then we have had to discontinue it temporarily. We have had to discontinue the option occasionally and temporarily due to scheduling or work/order  demand constraints sometimes related to staff shortage.
  5. We typically do offer a  Non Contact Pick up, and if it is available it can be chosen in check out> We ask that all customers using the Pick up option wait for an email for their appointment.  You'll typically receive an email 3 and up to 5 business  days out.  We contact customers and schedule the appointments. 
  6. RETURNS- We typicaly do not accept returns   If an order ships it can not be returned for a refund or store credit. When a package is returned to us it will be disposed of. If you can not accept a package and it is returned to us it can not be shipped back to you. It will be destroyed as unsalable merchandise. If you order something and it has shipped and it was not our mistake there are no returns or refunds given. There are no exceptions. 
  7. What measures are you taking to reduce and mitigate the risks of COVID-19? In addition to offering a new Non Contact pick up option we also follow all national and state customary standards to keep our staff and our customers safe. We do on site temperature testing of our employees, sanitize and clean regularly. We have also stopped all nonessential visits to our facilities.  To better protect our staff, we have equipped them with sanitizing agents and cleansers, along with good information about the methods needed to conduct the cleaning as needed. Also, all of our employees, even before this health crisis of COVID-19, have always practiced good hygiene and have worn personal protective equipment including gloves, so that we do not touch the product we sell to our customers. We do what is necessary to keep the products we sell pure and un-compromised in any way, 

  8. We have acquired additional space, and split our teams up to increase spacing in our warehouses, as we believe this is the best way to minimize risks and it is what has been suggested by the CDC. By separating in to smaller teams we make sure there is suitable space between our order team members and they can work in a more suitable environment to distance themselves as they pack and prepare orders.
  9. Will there be any disruptions to processing and shipping orders in the future?  At the the moment we are continuing to operate normally, except that we are following directives and guidelines from our local and state government, and the recommendations of the US government, and the agencies overseeing the COVID-19 response, like the CDC. We are following the standards they are communicating in regards to guarding the health and safety of employees, and sanitation.  Our business operations are contingent on the laws and regulations of our  local, state and federal government allowing businesses to continue to stay open. We also depend on the continued operations of carriers like USPS, Fedex, and UPS. Again, we are at the mercy of our governing authorities and the ability to get shipments out via carriers. 

  10. When I am placing my order, is there anything else I need to think about? Yes, two important things to remember;Make sure that the address you are shipping to is accurate and that there will be someone there to accept the order. If your community has a lock down and/or  "quarantine in place" and you do not update the address and there is no one to accept the order, it will be shipped back to us and you'll need to pay for the order and for the shipping again. We do not want this to happen so please check your address and make sure you, or someone, can accept the package or pallet. We currently do not accept returns, and there will be no refunds on orders during this time.  We can not accept any returns of any packages. If a shipment, any package, is returned to us it will go in to a special "quarantine area" and will be marked as unusable merchandise and be destroyed. You will have to reorder.
  11. What will happen to my prepaid orders in the event of a mandatory shutdown? Your continued patience, trust, and confidence in us would be valued in such a situation. Upon reopening, we would like to assure that orders will be shipped, and that any customer wishing to cancel their order will receive a full refund. We have been in business for over twenty years and have a stellar reputation and will always strive to meet customer expectations. 

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We sincerely appreciate your business and support!  Your orders provide many jobs here, and in our  community.

We would like to once again underscore our commitment to act proactively, responsibly, and with integrity to ensure we will do whatever we can to meet your expectations, and continue to serve the needs of our customers. We are also committed to the health and safety of our staff and our local community. We wish the very best for you, your family and your community and  neighbors far and wide as we all navigate these difficult times. 

Mark and Mary Anne Hughey and everyone at Chemistry Connection dba