Skin Shield Hand Sanitizer

Protect yourself from illness-causing germs, while nourishing your skin with this sanitizer that takes hand hygiene to the next level. In this formula, an alternative thickening system for an alcohol-based hand sanitizer is used. The result is a more moisturizing and conditioning product that leaves a light, conditioned feel on the skin.


IngredientWt, % (as is)Function
Ethanol * 62.00 Active Ingredient
Water 32.00 Vehicle
Tylose® HS 100000 YP2 (Hydroxyethylcellulose) 1.50 Thickener
Glycerin 2.00 Humectant
Genencare OSMS BA (Betaine)* 2.00 Osmolyte
Certified Plus Aloe Vera Gel D (Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice) 0.50 Skin Moisturizer/Conditioner

* The osmolyte, Genencare OSMS BA, is optional

*We recommend trying a small batch first and experimenting with using the TEA/ Triethanolamine to neutralize the HEC and thickening the ethanol/ethyl alcohol 

Mixing Procedure

Prepare in advance the Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, which can be made using our Aloe Vera Leaf Powder.

Combine Ethanol, Water and Tylose® HS 100000 YP2 with mixing.

While mixing adjust the pH to above 8.5. Allow to mix until batch starts to thicken. Usually this step is done using triethanolamine.

Add Glycerin, Genencare® OSMS BA and Certified Plus Aloe Vera Gel D

Mix until uniform.

Use formulation at your own risk. We make no claims on the suitability of products used, or this product. Chemistry Connection dba not responsible for outcome, liability, or any damages.

* The formulation calls for ETHANOL, NOT Isopropyl alcohol. HEC will not thicken IPA/ Isopropyl alcohol.