pH Meter

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pH Meter

Handheld Easy to use pH Meter Measures pH from 0:14

Easy to use. Comes with good instructions and the solutions for calibration too.

Just remove the protective top, immerse the electrode in the solution to be measured.

If accuracy is critical, you should calibrate the meter before each use. Included with the meter are 1 pack of the 6.86 and 4.0 pH buffers for an initial calibration. Calibration instructions are also included with the pH meter.

Ideal for many applications - from household, to laboratory and more! With a standard measuring range of 0-14 pH, this pH meter is great for a wide range of tasks. An affordable way to test chemicals, soap, your swimming pool, aquarium, tap water, or appliance water source - and more. You can easily find out whether the water or other chemical or liquid ingredient(s) is acceptable for the application. It is also an excellent choice for basic measurements in a laboratory setting.

Easy to use. Just calibrate and after calibration, just put the pH meter in any solution for a quick and accurate read on the pH of the solution.

Follow included instructions.

Portable, quick and easy.

Batteries not included / takes 4 the AG-13 / LR 44 button batteries. Batteries go in to the top at the on off switch. (The top with button comes off.)