Stacking Vented 4 Inch Trays on Pallet

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4 Inch Stackable Vented Trays (White) on Pallet (60 Trays)

You'll love our MakeYourOwn vented, Stackable Trays! Ours are manufactured from food safe, US produced plastic resins.

60 count, Pallet of Vented Trays. * Dolly(ies) Not Included. Purchase dollies separately. 

Whether you manufacture, have a bakery make soaps, or confectioneries - our Food safe Stack-able vented trays will help you organize, store, and easily transport your products, creations and wares.

Great for so many uses and applications!

  • Bakery use- tough enough for any demanding work! Whether you are storing and moving breads, dough and more. Excellent for dough proof tray (request by email the solid tray instead of vented)
  • Pizza Shops - perfect for storing and curing dough! (We also have a solid tray- same great prices. Just let us know you need the solid tray in the order comments)
  • Soap Making M-Great for curing soap! Lay out your fresh soap loaves on the vented trays to cure. Exclusive vented design helps reduce curing time in addition to making it easy to move soap. Save your time - no turning the loaves or bars to cure. Reported to help Reduce drying times for your soaps by up to 25% - or more!
  • Bath Bombs and fizzies! Great for storing all of beautiful creations as they cure.
  • Paint Ball manufacturing - paint ball manufacturers love these stackable vented trays for drying finished paint balls
  • Confectioners and candy makersEasy and convenient -just Store your creations and keep them up safe. Approved Food grade durable high strength materials.

Choose only the MakeYourOwn Trays and Dollies:

  • Our trays and dollies are made from the best quality food safe and NSF Approved high density, durable plastics and all produced here in the USA! They are durable enough for just about any work environment.
  • Our trays and dollies are all produced from plastic resin produced in the USA, and they are MADE IN THE USA, unlike most other vented tray producers imported.
  • These easy to use, light weight, and ergonomically designed trays and dollies are easy to clean, no sticking, with excellent release characteristics. Temperature tolerant over a wide range of temperatures - from cold to hot.
  • Saves Space! Our easy to use racks can be stacked high! Perfect for intermediate storage between process.
  • Easy to care for. Easy washing and Rinses clean.

Why Choose SaveonCitric Trays ?

  • Made from USA materials and quality High Density Polyethylene assuring the best Heavy Duty Construction. Easily handles rough and tough conditions!
  • No sticking! Fantastic release characteristics. Plus clean up is a breeze!
  • Air vents give you even drying without having to rotate your soaps, bath bombs, other creations! Saves Labor and Time!
  • Space Savings! Stack your products - whether you are making bath bombs, soaps, or storing dough our vented stacking trays can stack Over 8 feet (2.5m) high and with secure stability.
  • Excellent stability as far as temperature tolerance. -40 F  to 230 F 

Made to be EASY to Use! Ergonomically designed for reduced user and operator fatigue. Very comfortable handling and reach.

Dimensions: 4 Inch tray height. 14.25 Inches width. 30.75 inches long on the long side. 60 trays per pallet!


Our shopping calculator will NOT correctly calculate shipping on the Stacking Trays on many shipments. If you notice on the calculator it shows the Heavier shipments as LTL Estimates. When you buy the stacking trays , Go through Check Out, but understand that we will probably have to re-calculate the shipping AFTER the sale. On the website the shipping for these larger packages is an Estimate only. We will refund your money if the shipping Quote for the stacking trays is not to your satisfaction after the sale.

Exclusive design with slot vents for maximum air flow.
* There is up to a two week lead time for trays on pallets.