Mango Butter 101: Everything You Need to Know

Mango Butter 101: Everything You Need to Know

Posted by MH on Nov 27th 2021

Creating your own personal care products can be an exciting and rewarding experience. You get the unique opportunity to provide your body with the right materials to make it significantly healthier, from its physical appearance to the cellular level.

Those who opt to simply shed a blind eye to commercialized products and their ingredients are doing their body a disservice, which you are effectively not participating in. This change is one that your body will thank you for in the long run.

However, as undeniably rewarding as it may be to make your own personal care products, it can also be difficult to know what the best ingredients are to include in them, especially if you are newer to the hobby/activity.

One important ingredient that not enough people take advantage of in their care product creations is mango butter. Let’s dive right into everything you need to know about this unique, natural, and effective material.

What is Mango Butter?
Mango butter is a body butter that is contrived and extracted from the de-shelled seed or pit of the mango fruit. It is a light butter, quite similar to the consistency of shea or coconut butter, that is exceptionally moisturizing while also being non-greasy.

This butter from mango pits is nearly odorless, only giving off a light and very subtle scent. In its natural form (more on that in a moment), it smells a bit sweet and fatty.

Types of Mango Butter


There are two types of this body butter: refined and unrefined. The unrefined version of this butter is its rawest form. It is more regenerative than refined because it contains more unsaponifiable matter, which is key for soap being moisturizing and conditioning.

The refined version is unrefined after it has gone through a filtering and treating process. It is first filtered, then treated with chemical solvents. Most of the end product, which is the refined butter, is altered in color, aroma, texture, vitamin content, and other material content.

If you’re looking for unadulterated butter, then opt for the unrefined type. If you would prefer something that is smoother and lacks an unwanted aroma, then you should choose the refined butter.

What Are the Health Benefits?
This type of butter could be greatly beneficial to nearly any user in a number of ways. It is naturally an emollient, which means it assists in softening dry and flaky skin and making it both appear and feel better.

Because of its high oxidative stability and uniform triglyceride composition, it can provide any product with a stable emulsion. It is such an impressive emollient that it could effectively replace synthetic emolliency enhancers.

It also is superb at healing wounds and skin regeneration. On top of that, it also is an excellent ingredient to use for fighting wrinkles, stretch marks, and blemishes. No matter your skin type, using mango butter can bring you numerous benefits, as it can greatly assist in bringing unparalleled moisture to anyone with dry to oily skin.

It is also excellent for treating a host of skin occurrences and conditions, such as sunburn, acne, bug bites, eczema, and psoriasis, as it has anti-inflammatory properties alongside its natural hydration capabilities.

There are a lot of healthy components in this care product saving grace that you should be aware of before using it. The following are the most remarkable materials that are beneficial to you, your body, and overall health:

●High in antioxidants
●High in Vitamin A, C, and E
●Bountiful in important fatty acids:

○Oleic (increases skin’s permeability)
○Stearic (emulsifier, lubricant, and emollient)
○Palmitic (emollient)
○Linoleic/Vitamin F (adds moisture)
○Aracinidic acid (promotes healing)

Where and How Can You Use Mango Butter?
This versatile butter can be used on its own or in a number of products for both skin and hair. It is so effective for topical use, as it melts on the skin upon contact (along with the aforementioned advantages to your skin). The items you can use it in include soaps, balms, lotions, creams, moisturizers, and other similar options.

It can also be beneficial in hair products, as it can bring the best out of both your hair and your scalp. For your scalp, it can condition it while also protecting it from sun damage. It also provides the same benefits to your hair and then some:

●Reduces breakage
●Provides vital vitamins and minerals
●Increases moisture and decreases dryness
●Increase growth and regenerative properties
●Softens hair

Mango vs. Cocoa vs. Shea
We have all heard of cocoa and shea butter making regular appearances in care products, but how exactly do they compare to the butter from a mango pit? All three are emollients that have similar applications, especially for skin and hair. But, there are a couple of small yet key differences in the three you should be aware of.

Mango butter in particular is less pungent in aroma than shea or cocoa butter, whether it’s unrefined or refined. Plus, it is has a firmer texture in comparison to shea, but it’s also softer than cocoa.

What Else You Need to Know
Before purchasing any butter to add to your care products, you should know some other important information other than its uses and its components. This particular butter has a shelf life of two years while also having a melting point of 86° F. These traits, along with its natural luxurious texture, make it ideal to include in care products.

Prior to placing this material into skin or hair products, you should take special care to melt it (for most products, but not all). This will make it exceptionally easiest to add and then blend it.

When making soap with this material, note that we recommend using it at no more than 15% of the total fats.

If you are looking for some of the best mango butter to add to your care products, then you should have a look at our option! It comes in sizes varying from one pound to 220 pounds. If you have any questions about this particular product or any of our many others, then give us a call at 800-359-0944. We can’t wait to help! you!