Dried Catnip

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Nepeta Cataria

Named for its ability to make our feline friends "high," gives cats a feeling of pleasure when they inhale it. Catnip isn’t only for cats. There are MANY human uses of catnip too.

Many people report that drinking a Catnip tea when suffering from a headache or stomachache helps. To make catnip tea, infuse just a tablespoon of catnip leaves into a cup of boiling water. The tea makes a minty digestive aid.

Having a hard time falling asleep? Some catnip tea can help soothe and relax.

Catnip is also reported to be helpful to those suffering from indigestion. Try Adding fresh catnip leaves to your salad to give it a mint-flavored kick. It will also reportedly aid in digestion your meal with ease. Chewing catnip leaves after a meal is said to help aid in digestion. Plus it freshens breath.

Bugs don't like Catnip either. It is a good insect repellent. Some studies have shown catnip OIL can work better than DEET at repelling mosquitoes. The oil is typically diluted and sprayed on plants and outdoor areas where you want to keep pests and insects away.

You may also want to keep dried catnip around if you do have a furry feline friend. You can use it to make your own cat toys and help to calm an anxious cat. While cats aren’t the only ones who enjoy catnip, they certainly benefit from it.

Catnip is available in dried leaves and flowers.

We can also get it to you in tea bags to help make a quick and tasty tea. Check to make sure you have catnip in your cabinet for sleepless nights or suffering from indigestion or a headache.

Catnip increases menstrual flow in women. Women who are, or think they may be pregnant should NOT use catnip for medicinal purposes.