Dipropylene Glycol

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Dipropylene Glycol Fragrance Grade

Fragrance grade, and also known as Low Odor Dipropylene Glycol

Used in all kinds of applications. Perfect for use as a carrier for all kinds of fragrances, in  candles, making incense,  perfumes and room sprays. A superb solvent for dilution of oils. Reduces evaporation, so fragrances last longer. 

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 INCI Name and CAS No.

  • INCI Name: Dipropylene Glycol
  • CAS no: 25265-71-8
  • EINECS no.: 246-770-3


  • Appearance: Colorless Liquid
  • Odor: Almost Odorless
  • Specific Gravity: 1.022
  • Solubility:  somewhat Soluble in Water
  • Refractive Index: 1.441
  • Viscosity at 68°F : 107 cps
  • Boiling Point: 442°F

Use in Cosmetics and Soap Making, fragrances, incense, room sprays and more

Commonly used in room sprays, making incense, blending fragrances, deodorants, foundations, shower gels, perfumes, lip gloss, and liquid hand soap.


Keep in a cool (preferably below 85°F, the cooler the better), dark and dry store-room.

Shelf Life

Under optimal storage conditions, in original unopened drums/containers, minimum two years.

Safety Data Sheet

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